Bitcoin Keep Calm & HODL?!?! (Analysis by Dr Andrew Jim)

The work below was recently done by a good friend and ex colleague of mine Dr Andrew Jim. It was completed during the most recent sell-off in Bitcoin, the result of yet another China ban. Using R programming language Andrew took the top 10 historical BTC max Drawdowns looking at the time it takes (in... Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Value Proposition

Most people can intuitively understand why under Web1.0/Web2.0 that Facebook/Google have value whereas the underlying protocols that make up the Web (HTTP, TCP/IP etc) do not (or very little). Because of this it’s hard for many to understand the value proposition of the protocols driving the next iteration of the internet (Bitcoin/Ethereum etc). This old... Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Bubble Trouble June 23-27 data (I have a number of questions about this data but for the purposes of this note its not that important) showed 17.8mn wallets have at least a few cents of Bitcoin in them. Most people I know have at least 5-6 wallets so lets say roughly 3mn "active users" or at... Continue Reading →

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