April Volume – EOS was the big winner, LTC continued to slide.

Trading in most major Coins/Tokens saw a bounce in April
* BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP and BCH all saw their first MoM gains in average daily turnover
* EOS was a big standout with Avg T/Over in April increasing 3x from March to $1.3B
* LTC was the big loser with T/Over continuing to slide from last December’s high

Turnover April

EOS was the big winner in April.  LTC and XRP look to be stagnating
* EOS Avg T/Over in April increased to 99% of its previous all time high
– By far the sharpest increase amongst major Coins/Tokens
* LTC is the only major Coin/Token to yet show signs of turnover deceleration
– This is particularly worrisome given LTC’s broad support across exchanges
* XRP’s April volume bounce was amongst the weakest
– Overall trading interest looks to have lost a lot of momentum

April Trunvoer %

EOS 5 day average turnover is now > ETHs
* Over the weekend EOS surpassed ETH in 5 day Avg T/Over for the first time
– This is impressive given how many more markets support ETH vs EOS
– EOS 5 day Avg T/Over at the moment is >8x LTC, 3x BCH and 4x XRP



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