Screening For (Crypto) Diamonds in the Rough

With major coins now down an average of 52% off all time highs, we designed a simple screen to help identify coins that may have now fallen to attractive price points.  The results highlight privacy coins (ZCash, Dash & Monero) and NEO GAS as 4 of the most interesting at current levels.

– We limited the initial sample size to coins and tokens with a market cap >= US$100M.
– That yielded a total of 58 coins (with historic data)

Screen 1: BTC adjusted price <= Current Price
– This is an intuitive way to compare prices by normalizing supply differences
– This cut the original 58 coins down to 18

Screen 2: T/Over >= US$10M / day
– Removing coins that are easily manipulated or trade on a small number of exchanges
– Using the 30 day average, this dropped the number of coins to just 9

Screen 3: Twitter followers >= 50,000
  – Social media is used as a sentiment + community support proxy
– This cut the list to just 7 coins

Screen 4: Developer Score > 500
  – The developer score is the sum of Github watchers and the number of forks recorded
(forks include copy coins and overall work being done on the code)
– 500 was the average value of the previous 7 coins
– Yields the 4 most actively maintained coins from the previous screen

Final:  Ranked By % Off of All Time High
– Results suggest that ZCash, Dash, NEO GAS and Monero may be attractive at this level
Crypto Screen.jpg


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