Welcome to our site. We are a group of 4 investment professionals who collectively have 80+yrs experience in predominantly trading & advising in equity markets around the world. In the last 3years each of us have been down the crypto rabbit hole & have re-emerged in an attempt to offer some unique perspective that draws on our collective strengths & experience to deliver content we felt we couldn’t find elsewhere. We will shortly be adding a 5th contributor to focus on ICO’s and remain open to adding additional contributors in the future to expand the depth of knowledge this blog can provide. We are open to any suggestions for content or contributors to add to the platform.

DISCLAIMER; This site and its contents should in no way be considered investment advice. We may individually hold positions in some of the assets we discuss. Any projections, conclusions, analysis, views are to be considered hypothetical & for informational purposes only & not meant as recommendations for investment. We all came into crypto with a view that our investment could very likely go to zero and to this day we maintain a view that anyone considering an investment in crypto should only invest what they can afford to lose. You alone are responsible for evaluating the risks & merits of our content.